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General Information & Rules

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I will summarize here some of our good habits and regulations that we want you to stick to as much as you can, to avoid further punishments Smile. Also some of our organizational plans will be presented here.

Rank Information
Guildbank Information
Guild Raids and Events
DKP System
Guild Staff

Rank Information - Being a Madness guild, we have ranks for the craziest, most insane people.There are three main "brackets" of rank : Leaders (guild leader and officers), Community people, Punished (Muted). The numbers after the " // " have their explanations here.

Sane - Muted people, punished for misbehaving in guild or for neglecting Raid Leader's orders and indications in Raids. They can only see the guild chat. They are forbidden to take part in guild raids. No guild vault access. If they make another mistake, guild kick is imminent. // 0 +0g

Insane - Alts. You can have as many alts as you want with us, but we'd prefer to not have the guild needlessly padded with completely unplayed alts. They have same benefits as the Paranoid rank. // 01 +25g

Crazy - New member. This is a probation rank, for the new people that wish to join our ranks. Two weeks are necessary here and if after the probation period you made advances and proven yourself worthy, you will join our ranks as a full member. Low access to guild vault. // 01 +15g

Paranoid - Full member. This rank covers anyone from levels 1-80 who has passed the probation period and has joined the guild for the sake of friendship, community, hanging out in a social environment, or any other reason you can think of that would lead you to join our merry madhouse. Basic guild vault access. // 01 +30g

Maniac - Advanced member. This rank is for people with some time played in the guild and that have shown they are worthy for an upgrade for helping the guild and it's members. Somewhat more access to guild vault. // 018 +40g

Lunatic - Veterans. Veterans are the tried-and-trusted members of the guild who are basically what the officers used to be. These are the people who work with the Officers to ensure the continued running of the guild and its activities. These are the people you can go to with queries and concerns the same as you would an Officer. Increasingly better guild vault access. // 0189 +50g

Psychopaths - Raid Leaders. Raid Leader ranks might seem rather swollen, but they are the ones that keep it going when higher officers can't attend raids or when they just want to take a break. They are people with high understanding of English and tactics, that can quickly glance at tactics over the internet and organize a raid. They have the ability to withdraw raid elixirs, scrolls and potions from guild vault, and they can see the officer chat. They can't yet speak there. // 012689 +75g

Schizophrenics - Officers. The officers are the core group for major decision-making and creation of new Veterans. Whilst many guild affairs are now handled by the Officers and Veterans as a group, some affairs are still handled by this smaller collective for various reasons. Full access to guild vault, but yet limited amounts. // 01236789* +100g

Straight Jackets - High ranked officers. This is the last rank obtainable through devotion to guild and hard work. High ranked officers have the power to work administrative stuffs, like promoting/demoting characters when they make new alts or swap mains. Full guild vault access. // 0123456789* +200g

Padded Cell - Guild leader. Mandi <3. The Guild Master is the figurehead, someone you can talk to for advice or to ask who to go to. The Guild Master is an internal and external representation of the guild as a whole. The Guild Master is NOT, however, an autocrat or dictator. Where a last say is needed, they have it, and when help is needed with officer work, they can provide some help. // 0123456789* +500g

Additional information for ranks. The numbers in the brackets and their meaning can be found here.

Gchat listen - 0
GChat Speak - 1
OChat Listen - 2
Ochat Speak - 3
Promote - 4
Demote - 5
Invite - 6
Kick - 7
Set public note - 8
set officer note - 9
Set Motd - *
Gbank allowance - +(money)

GuildBank Information - Our guild bank has the maximum possible number of tabs, which are configured and assigned as follows by ranks :

Sane Insane Crazy Paranoid Maniac Lunatic Psychopaths Skitzophrebucs Straight Jackets Padded Cell
Cloth & Leather - 1 1 1 3 5 8 10 10 10
Ore, Bars, Mats - 1 1 1 3 5 8 10 10 10
Glyphs - 1 0 1 3 5 8 10 10 10
Enchanting - 1 0 1 3 5 8 10 10 10
Jewelcrafting - 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 5 10
Padded Cell - 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 10
Amount of gold 0g 25g 10g 25g 50g 75g 100g 250g 300g 500g


Skype is a software application that allows us to make voice, video calls and chats over the Internet. We keep in touch and it's the best way when raiding to listen to raid leader indications, and you'll be sure not to wipe the ride or die yourself. You can just yell that the add targeted you, or that you are being killed by a spike and your location and be sure the ones that are listening are aware of your situations and will try to help you ASAP.
By far the best feature that we like at Skype is that it has crystal clear voice, no lag even when ingame and the fact that we get tons of laughing at jokes told by participants. Let us know your skype name in the profile, so we can add you and chat there.

GuildRaids and Events - The reason we quit our ex-guilds and joined Theatre of Madness was partially because we couldn't organize enough and couldn't get enough members for a guild raid. But this has all changed. We have gathered here, the best of us, in an attempt to show everyone that we can do it. And that's what happened. At the moment we have cleared all possible end-game content on PvE. We wait for you to join us and earn your items from ICC, ToC and Naxxramas. What are you waiting for?
There is just one thing you need to keep in mind. If you want to join end-game raids with us, you must be well equipped and understand the tactics. We don't care about gearscore, but about how well you can dps, heal or tank. You will be tested Smile. If you don't have gear good enough for end-game bosses, you can always ask for help in guild chat, and members will surely get a party going for you to gear up from lower instances.

DKP System - We will implement soon enough a DKP System (Dragon kill points) which designates a kind of currency which is earned by participating in end-game raids and spent by acquiring loot from endgame bosses. The term DKP is used to designate raid-level loot system in general. The DKP System is PHP/MySQL based, thus being needed a website for supporting that. At the moment, on this free-forum an SQL option is not available, remaining so to find another way of implementing it via FTP. For the time being, you will be able to use the system, but you can only view how many points you have by sending a message to the Raid Leader via whisper (like an auto-response).

How does the system work? How do I bid?

The system is very simple. Every time you kill an end-game boss, you are awarded a certain amount of points, based on the difficulty of the instance (10 man normal, 25 man normal, 10 man heroic, 25 man heroic)or the instance itself (ICC10 is harder than for example ToC10, so killing a boss in ICC10 grants slightly more points than one in ToC10). Now when the Loot Master announces the loot, instead of /roll -ing ... bleah to be continued


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